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The layout can be operated in two ways.  The first method has two single track, continuous loops for viewing.  The second method is point to point for operations using the modified pin system.

Cornplanter Chronicles

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Volume 2 Issue 2
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Good News

In October 2010, the active list of freight cars topped the 360 mark. The active locomotive roster now stands at 30 units. Two of these units are used for track maintenance only.

A new addition was started in September. Frame work was added to the south end of the layout. This will allow for a tail track and run around so operators can get their locomotives around their trains. This eliminates the need for the yard switcher to help the road crew from getting trapped in the yard. Some of the yard tracks will also be lengthened for additional car storage.

Operating sessions have begun on the layout. These sessions are scheduled as time permits. We have also hosted two I-80 PA Group meets on the layout as well.

Track work in the Kernville area was completed in April 2010. Currently, I am building the Walther’s Sterling Diary Complex kit (Crystal Springs Diary) which will be located in Kernville.

2011 projects include: Continuing with scenery, adding backdrop photos and scenery panels, adding new buildings to the layout, and improving track work where needed.


Welcome to the Cornplanter Division

NAME: The Cornplanter Division

SCALE: N (1:160)

SIZE: 11’4” x 15’

PROTOTYPE/THEME: Freelanced Chessie System / CSX transitional period.

LOCALE: Northwestern PA

PREIOD: 1980’s to 1990’s

STYLE: Around the walls with a peninsula in the middle of the room.

HEIGHT: 49” – 62”


BENCHWORK: Mainly shelf construction with some L Girder and Open Grid benchwork design as well.

ROADBED:  Foam core board and Cork.

TRACK: Atlas Code 80 flex and sectional

TURNOUTS: #4’s and #6’s


MAX GRADE: 3.7% (some trains will require helper service)

SCENERY CONSTRUCTION: Combination of stacked foamboard insulation and woven cardboard strips all covered with plaster cloth.  Trees are mostly hand-made with dried weeds or flowers.  Pine trees are made bottle brush style using sisal twine and ground foam.

BACKDROP CONSTRUCTION: Painted walls and some painted foamboard insulation covered with scenery material.

CONTROL: MRC Prodigy Advance with four throttles.

COMMENTS: This layout was started in 2007 as an “L” shaped shelf layout.  Three expansion projects have brought the layout to its’ current configuration.  The layout is about 40% complete.

Pictures of the Railroad